So I’ve started a new blog!

I was thinking of ways to research and explore the world of flowers, and blogging seemed to be the best answer. For me, learning new things really soaks in better when sharing the newfound information with others.

So, here you go!

I’ll be casually posting about different types of flowers (and anything floral, really)  for the next couple of months. When I start my internship, I’ll give you guys a little peek into my workings with Flower Magazine!

Hopefully I will be able to post on Floriology a bit more than I have here. I was already informed about an awesome project that will be one of the main focuses during my internship, and I can promise you don’t want to miss out on it! Flowers, weddings, and decor galore! …..alright, I’ll stop here. 😉


Until next post,


(LOVING my new signature! Makes me feel pretty legit 🙂 )











There’s something in the air.


Dad in 1969.


My grandmother, Betty, and grandaddy, Levi, in 1970.



Dad and Aunt Carol in 1971.


I’m not sure what it is about this time of year, but every fall I become nostalgic.

I find myself craving all things old.


Maybe it’s because my dad has told me stories about his college football season experiences since I was a kid. Maybe it’s because I  can start to smell that comforting smell of firewood in my grandaddy’s old cabin, though I haven’t smelt it since I was 4 years old.

I’m a sucker for tradition. I like a little change, which is why I’m okay with new things any other time of the year, but when fall rolls around I want the familiar turning leaves, warm colors, football games, pumpkin patches, bright sun with cool breezes, and, most importantly, memories.

They don’t even have to be my own; I find myself just looking through all of the old photos dad has tucked away in boxes. Something about the quality of an old photo brings me comfort..

I love reminiscing any time of the year, but for some reason once the air changes, so does my personality. I become this calm, homebodied human being who just wants to write all the time (hence the two blog posts in one weekend after months of no update).

Maybe I’m crazy. It’s probably just something I tell myself to try to make sense of it.

Either way, this season has a hold on me. And I love it.


Until next post,



It’s just paper.

So I’ve had this problem lately..

I mean it’s always been a problem, but it gets worse as I get older. It’s about 3 inches wide, 6 inches long, green, and the root of all evil.

Yep, I’m describing money.

Ever since I can remember, my dad has talked to me about the stock market. I knew who Louis Rukeyser was at the age of 4 because we would watch him on monday nights. He’s an accountant, so I can’t blame him for being a little bit obsessive over numbers, but I’m a words kinda girl (which is why I’m in journalism and writing this blog post) so it’s hard for me to really understand it, or want to understand it.

But aside from that, I just can’t see the point. Maybe I’m showing my ignorance, but money doesn’t mean much to me. Sure we need it, but to what extent? I’m not going to act like I don’t like to buy clothes and shoes because anyone who knows me knows it’s true, but I don’t worship the things I buy. I know they are just things. And who really cares if the shoes have a red sole?! That should not tack on an extra $1,000 in my opinion. Yes, quality does mean something, but that’s not quality. That’s materialistic.

Anyway, back to the root of my rant. To me, money is just paper. I just can’t see something that can be easily ripped in half ruling over me. And the more I think about it, the more I stand behind my opinion.. which sounds a little arrogant, but I’m usually very indecisive and unopinionated, so it says something  to me.

I mean what really differentiates real money from monopoly money? The worth, right? Well, things only have the worth we give it. I give worth to time, family, friends, experiences, memories… you know, the things that are actually important in life. Things that, as I lie on my deathbed, I will be happy with my choice of giving worth.

I’m only 21, but I’ve already decided through tastes of experience that I’m excited to get older because I know that with those wrinkles comes wisdom, and that is worth more than money can even think about buying. I look at my parents and grandparents and see the happiness they have and have had through love and living life. Once your eyes see this, you know there’s no replacement.

I know this is no new issue, and many books have been written and will be written on it, but I just thought I’d give my scattered and very unorganized 2 cents. This is one of my favorite Bible verses, and pretty much sums up everything I’m trying to say:

“..We own nothing, and yet we have everything.”

2 Corinthians 6:10



Until next post,



“You may delay, but time will not.” -Benjamin Franklin


Don’t I know it.


Seriously, where did this summer go?! My last summer of freedom (for all practical purposes) is over. Well, it was nice while it lasted..

And here comes my last year of college. Now THAT makes me.. well I was going to say something along the lines of happy/excited/optimistic, but now that I think about it it’s pretty scary.

I mean, what next? What happens now?!

All these years of school (A whopping 17, not counting preschool…) and now I’m just done? But it’s all I know! I haven’t NOT been learning since I was 4 years old!

It’s funny how I’ve fantasized about having my freedom and being on my own for what seems like forever, and now that I’m so close I don’t really want it.. I guess it’s because, like most things, it’s not what it seems.

With so many responsibilities it’s as if the shackle is more constraining than ever.

But maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way. It is all in how you think.

So I guess I’ll take the optimistic route and hope for the best.

Yes, it’s going to be tough finding a job in this economy. Yes, it’s going to be life-changing. Yes, it’s going to take some adjusting.

But knowing that I’m starting a new chapter in life is pretty invigorating.

Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself.. I still have a year to go (maybe a few more if I decide to get my masters), but it’s been a much-needed pep talk for myself.

On another note, my roommate and I moved into a new apartment! MUCH homier than our last.  Plus, a fresh start is needed every once in a while. And our balcony is SA-WEET!!



I may not know what I’ll be doing/where I’ll be after this year, but I’m pretty sure you can find me sitting here drinking coffee every morning for my last two semesters. 🙂

Here’s to taking it day by day. (Is there really any other way to take it?)


Until next post,



Peinture et de Parfum

Since summer is finally here, I have had a little free time to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies– painting.

I decided to take two of my favorite things (perfume and.. frenchiness) and paint Parisian perfume.

I own Miss Dior and wear it ALL the time. It’s florally and sweet– perfection.

I tried Chloé in the Charles de Gaulle airport before our long flight back to the states, and I fell in love. It will be my next perfume to purchase.

And it wouldn’t be frenchy enough without Chanel, so of course I had to add those beautiful, classic bottles to the mix.

Here are the finished products:


IMG_2478 IMG_2481IMG_2489


I painted these Ladurée macaroons a few days ago when I started missing my trip to Europe..



I haven’t decided yet, but I might start selling these puppies if I paint a few more.. What do you think? If you would buy one, let me know!


Until next post,



Hello to anyone and everyone still reading this blog!

Or should I say Hola!!!  🙂

I know I haven’t been keeping this thing updated, but I just got back from my trip to Spain and Portugal so I’ve been a little busy…

There are no words to describe my trip other than the regular clichés such as amazing and phenomenal, so I’m just going to tell you that on my list of Best Experiences of My Life it’s an easy #3 (#2 was getting my first car and #1 hasn’t happened yet).

We went EVERYWHERE (not much of an exaggeration), so I’m going to take you through my trip as if you were there because I believe everyone should experience it.

1st Destination: Barcelona

This place is just plain beautiful. Along with our hotel, Hotel Colon.

It took a little while for me to get used to it (and Spain in general), but I finally got the courage to walk around Las Ramblas by myself during free time one day and I’m so glad I did! I discovered one of the best stores: Pull & Bear. I dropped some serious euro in that place…  but I got a lot since it’s reasonably priced! 🙂

We went to the FC Barcelona vs. Rayo Vallecano game (awesome experience) after eating lunch with Gemma, a local EatWith host.

Here are a few pics from Barca–


This quiche was delicious!!


This is the Barcelona Cathedral that is right across from Hotel Colon. One of the most beautiful cathedrals I’ve seen. We got to go inside!!

IMG_0322 IMG_0321 IMG_0320 IMG_0319 IMG_0318 IMG_0317

I did a story on a bakery called Escriba (look for it in the magazine!!), which is pretty much the Cake Boss of Spain. They were meeting with a broadcast company for a TV show the same day that I interviewed them!!

IMG_0311 IMG_0310




They let us see their wonderland of a workshop!



IMG_0300 IMG_0299

IMG_0298 IMG_0297

Destination 2: Pamplona/ San Sebastian

I didn’t spend much time exploring Pamplona because I loved San Sebastian so much I decided to spend another day there! It might be my favorite place..

I did a story on Casa Ponsol – the oldest hat shop in Spain. They are celebrating 175 years this year!





IMG_0469 IMG_0468

It was so colorful and artsy there! The knitting club decorated these trees.

IMG_0467 IMG_0466 IMG_0465

La Concha beach was breathtaking.

IMG_0565 IMG_0564 IMG_0563

IMG_0561 IMG_0560

IMG_0554 IMG_0553

We had an amazing lunch at a fancy restaurant one of the journalists did a story on! First time I’d ever had tuna tartar or octopus! IMG_0535 IMG_0534 IMG_0533 IMG_0532 IMG_0531

We stopped by a super cute French bakery

IMG_0489 IMG_0488 IMG_0487 IMG_0486 IMG_0485

Destination 3:Madrid

We were only here one day, but it was a day well spent!


We went to an art museum and had a super yummy lunch there

IMG_1583 IMG_1582 IMG_1581


IMG_1587 IMG_1585 IMG_1584 IMG_1597 IMG_1596 IMG_1595

Gorgeous marble staircase!!

IMG_1646IMG_1645 IMG_1644

IMG_1632IMG_1639 IMG_1638 IMG_1637 IMG_1636 IMG_1635 IMG_1634

And then….. The rooftop view.

IMG_1608IMG_1624 IMG_1607 IMG_1606IMG_1630IMG_1628

Destination 4: Sevilla/ Gibraltar

We knew it was Holy Week when we arrived, but had no idea what it entailed… Apparently hoods, capes and processions.

IMG_1907 IMG_1905 IMG_1904 IMG_1903

We went to the oldest Flamenco dress shop in Spain!


Grace Kelly in a Lina dress


Lina!! She met Grace Kelly. We met her. That’s kind of like meeting Grace, right?…


Her daughters


…And then we went to Gibraltar! British Territory!!!!

IMG_2006 IMG_2015 IMG_2014

Had to cross the border..

IMG_2013 IMG_2012 IMG_2011 IMG_2010

We saw Africa in the distance!!

IMG_2059 IMG_2037

..And then we saw the monkeys. And I fell in love.

253635_10151950866036501_1778115628_n 601209_10151950865951501_1198925140_n 902367_10151950832166501_1323050823_o IMG_2135 IMG_2124

Last Stop: Portugal

So we were pretty worn out when we got here, but it was a fashionable place that I just had to hike up the ginormous hills to shop.. The things I do for clothes…

I didn’t get many pictures there but you can find a million more pics from the trip at our magazine’s website!!

Hope you enjoy my trip as much as I did! I wish I could post all of the pictures, but that would probably take a good 48 hours…

Until next post,


Viola Wan Photography

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of working with a friend and photographer from our Alpine Living team, Viola Wan.

She. Is. Amazing.

I’ve done a shoot with her before and they turned out amazing, so I knew this one wouldn’t be short of it.

It may have been freezing, but it was well worth it.

Here is a sample of our Sunday shoot…

WAN_5211 WAN_5200 WAN_5167 WAN_5150 WAN_5148 WAN_5143


WAN_5329 WAN_5326

WAN_5324 WAN_5322 WAN_5321 WAN_5320 WAN_5233

WAN_5266 WAN_5265

WAN_5264WAN_5402 WAN_5420 WAN_5421 WAN_5425

WAN_5431 WAN_5434 WAN_5436 WAN_5438 WAN_5446

WAN_5457 WAN_5460

WAN_5477 WAN_5478 WAN_5479 WAN_5480

WAN_5487 WAN_5488




Until next post,





Golden Globes

First of all, Happy Belated New Year to everyone!! This is my first post of 2013! I’ve had a great/busy start to the new year, which is why I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ll catch you up on some things–

1. During Christmas break, I was informed that I was featured in the Atlanta Market Tech Candy shop!! SUPER exciting! I couldn’t believe it.



2. I received an email from my advisor saying that I’ve been awarded a scholarship!!! Also super exciting!! And very much needed for this trip to Spain in March!

3. I’ve been asked to model in Birmingham Fashion Week in February!!!!! AHH!!!


Well, 2013, if this keeps up you just might be my favorite year! 🙂


Okay, so now that I’ve caught you up on my life, here’s the real reason why I’m posting this.

The Golden Globes.

I was so glad that Lena Dunham won Best Actress in a Comedy! She really deserves it since she writes and acts in the show Girls. She’s just incredible.

Now to the most important part (to me, anyway): The gowns.

My Best-Dressed Award goes to….. Amanda Seyfried!

She. Looked. Stunning.



That Givenchy gown could not have looked better on her. She always pulls off the natural/innocent/romantic look so well.  The lace on that gown makes her looks so angelic. Can I just be her, please?!


My second pick has to be Jennifer Garner.



If you’re going to wear Vivienne Westwood, that’s the way to do it. Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful shade of red. She pulled off the romantic look perfectly, as well.

And for my third choice: Kristen wiig, who was HILARIOUS with Will Farrell in their little presenting skit! So funny.



She rocked the simplistic look in this black Michael Kors gown with a geometric cut-out that is super popular right now.


If you watched last night, let me know who you think looked the best!!

Until next post,


Wedding Bells

So I went to my first “friend wedding” this weekend.

I’ve been to weddings before, but not since I was young enough to think that marriage was lightyears away.

This is the first one I’ve been to from my high school graduating class. Plus, she’s been a close friend for a long time…

Which really put things into perspective for me.

I realized this weekend:

1. This is the first of many I’ll be attending in the near future.

2. Weddings make me extremely emotional

3. I will need to bring tissues to the next wedding

4. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through my own wedding. (waterproof mascara will be my best friend/hero that day.. besides the groom of course)

I’m a junior in college, so I’m not planning to get married any time soon (meaning in the next 4 to 5 years), but witnessing that ceremony made me think about how we’ve grown.

We’re adults now. (well, mostly..)

But I still feel the same as I did in high school. These 2 and a half years of college kind of blend together for me.. Is that normal? Is that when you know you’re not a kid anymore?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself since I started college, and even more now that I’m not a teenager anymore.

Okay, I’ll get off my soap box… Just thought I’d share my quarter-life crisis with you.

Here are a few pictures I took at the wedding showing a brighter side of growing up and falling in love.

My friend Allysa and me before the wedding




The first kiss as man and wife! What a moment. It’s certainly one that turns on the tears.


And at the reception, the groom serenaded his new bride with a song that he wrote himself– which was adorable. And brought tears. Again.

IMG_0794  IMG_0795

It was such a lovely wedding. Hopefully I’ll get to experience it one day.. In a few years.

Until next post,


Christmas just ain’t Christmas…

…Without my favorite singer/songwriter, Matt Wertz, singing to me 🙂

I saw him for the third time at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta Friday, and he did not disappoint.

The guy’s got a golden voice. And his looks aren’t too bad, either..

As you can probably guess, I have a bit of a crush. He probably can too since I stuttered my way through our meet & greet with him..

You’d think by the third meeting I’d be used to ‘meeting’ him..   nope.

He’s not intimidating (so easy to talk to, actually), but he’s just kind of perfect with his amazing voice, personality, style, philanthropy, etc…

I think you get the picture.. He’s just a pretty cool guy. So I’ll stop fangirl-ing and show you some pics..


Ashley drove from Savannah to see him with me! She’s become quite a fan since I introduced her to him, Dave Barnes and Ben Rector. I think it’s safe to say I’ve pretty much changed her life..   🙂


Wertz doin’ what he does best (in a killer suit, might I add..)


Don’t we make a cute couple??   😉

So if you haven’t listened to his Christmas album, Snowglobe, do it pronto. I’m pretty sure you’ll instantly fall in love… And start craving some hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies. (That was my reaction, anyway..)

Until next post,

Merry Christmas!!