A Little Ombré

So I’ve been wearing the same color nail polish for most of the Summer, and decided today that I wanted a change. Something I hadn’t tried before..

Usually my adventurous spirit leads me into a regretful mess, but this time I think I’ve discovered a keeper–

Ombré nails.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Ombré lately:

Ombré hair


Ombré clothing


So why not Ombré nails?

I found this tutorial on Pinterest (where else, right?) and thought I’d try it out myself–

Not too shabby, eh?

It was a little messier than usual applying the polish with a sponge, but I think it turned out well!

I’d love to try out Lauren Conrad’s ombré  hair, but I’ll save that for another one of my daring adventures..

Until next post,



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