Clarke County

Have you ever seen Big Fish?

I’m pretty sure that movie was based on this place.

I visited Grove Hill, Jackson and Coffeeville this weekend, and I have to say if it weren’t for the horrible cellphone reception I’d consider living out away from the city.

I learned so much about my family’s history and the way things used to be. I even learned more about Alabama’s history.

For instance, have you heard about the quilts they make at Gee’s Bend? They are INCREDIBLE. I didn’t get a chance to go there since you have to take a ferry, but I will definitely make it over there one day.

Anyway, I took a few pictures at my relative’s house/land in Coffeeville. It’s about 20 miles away from civilization… But it is so peaceful.



This house reminded me so much of Dorothy’s house on The Wizard of Oz



We stopped by a cemetery and looked at some old headstones in the spirit of Halloween! This one was my favorite:


There was a corn field with a female scarecrow in front of it..


And the corn field was covered with these beautiful monarch butterflies!! It. was. Amazing!!!


I just loved the slow-life feel of this place.

Everybody knows everybody, and you wave at everyone who passes by while you’re sitting on your front porch swing. I was just waiting for Andy and Opie to walk by whistling and carrying their cane poles.

If I ever get tired of all of the traffic and chaos of the city life, you know where I’ll be.

Until next post,



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