Merry Christmas?

I know, I know… I haven’t posted in forever…..

I’ve been super busy with school and the holidays, but the semester is wrapping up and I’m ready for the break!!!

There’s just one thing that is keeping me from becoming Buddy the elf…  the temperature.

Where are my cold temperatures?!? The ones that actually make it feel like the holiday season!? The ones that call for layer upon layer of cozy clothing, with fuzzy socks and warm gloves and scarves!?!

I can still wear sandals and it is the end of November. That’s just sad.

I guess there’s still time; it snowed my freshman year in February…

But by that time I’m over it. (I am a girl of little patience..)

So as of right now, all I want for Christmas is some cold weather.

I can almost guarantee you that will change, but right now I just want to drink some hot chocolate and cozy up in a bundle of blankets to a Christmas movie. That’s not too much to ask, right?

We took some pictures Sunday for our travel magazine, Alpine Living, and it looks like they could’ve been taken in September..

And since it got a little cooler after the sun went down, we ended the shoot with one of the best chai lattes I’ve ever had at Chloe’s Cup.


(Pictures c/o Viola Wan Photography)



Not exactly a replacement for snow, but i’ll take it.. 🙂

Until next post,

-Mallie  xx


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