Christmas just ain’t Christmas…

…Without my favorite singer/songwriter, Matt Wertz, singing to me 🙂

I saw him for the third time at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta Friday, and he did not disappoint.

The guy’s got a golden voice. And his looks aren’t too bad, either..

As you can probably guess, I have a bit of a crush. He probably can too since I stuttered my way through our meet & greet with him..

You’d think by the third meeting I’d be used to ‘meeting’ him..   nope.

He’s not intimidating (so easy to talk to, actually), but he’s just kind of perfect with his amazing voice, personality, style, philanthropy, etc…

I think you get the picture.. He’s just a pretty cool guy. So I’ll stop fangirl-ing and show you some pics..


Ashley drove from Savannah to see him with me! She’s become quite a fan since I introduced her to him, Dave Barnes and Ben Rector. I think it’s safe to say I’ve pretty much changed her life..   🙂


Wertz doin’ what he does best (in a killer suit, might I add..)


Don’t we make a cute couple??   😉

So if you haven’t listened to his Christmas album, Snowglobe, do it pronto. I’m pretty sure you’ll instantly fall in love… And start craving some hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies. (That was my reaction, anyway..)

Until next post,

Merry Christmas!!



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