Golden Globes

First of all, Happy Belated New Year to everyone!! This is my first post of 2013! I’ve had a great/busy start to the new year, which is why I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ll catch you up on some things–

1. During Christmas break, I was informed that I was featured in the Atlanta Market Tech Candy shop!! SUPER exciting! I couldn’t believe it.



2. I received an email from my advisor saying that I’ve been awarded a scholarship!!! Also super exciting!! And very much needed for this trip to Spain in March!

3. I’ve been asked to model in Birmingham Fashion Week in February!!!!! AHH!!!


Well, 2013, if this keeps up you just might be my favorite year! 🙂


Okay, so now that I’ve caught you up on my life, here’s the real reason why I’m posting this.

The Golden Globes.

I was so glad that Lena Dunham won Best Actress in a Comedy! She really deserves it since she writes and acts in the show Girls. She’s just incredible.

Now to the most important part (to me, anyway): The gowns.

My Best-Dressed Award goes to….. Amanda Seyfried!

She. Looked. Stunning.



That Givenchy gown could not have looked better on her. She always pulls off the natural/innocent/romantic look so well.  The lace on that gown makes her looks so angelic. Can I just be her, please?!


My second pick has to be Jennifer Garner.



If you’re going to wear Vivienne Westwood, that’s the way to do it. Absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful shade of red. She pulled off the romantic look perfectly, as well.

And for my third choice: Kristen wiig, who was HILARIOUS with Will Farrell in their little presenting skit! So funny.



She rocked the simplistic look in this black Michael Kors gown with a geometric cut-out that is super popular right now.


If you watched last night, let me know who you think looked the best!!

Until next post,



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