Viola Wan Photography

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of working with a friend and photographer from our Alpine Living team, Viola Wan.

She. Is. Amazing.

I’ve done a shoot with her before and they turned out amazing, so I knew this one wouldn’t be short of it.

It may have been freezing, but it was well worth it.

Here is a sample of our Sunday shoot…

WAN_5211 WAN_5200 WAN_5167 WAN_5150 WAN_5148 WAN_5143


WAN_5329 WAN_5326

WAN_5324 WAN_5322 WAN_5321 WAN_5320 WAN_5233

WAN_5266 WAN_5265

WAN_5264WAN_5402 WAN_5420 WAN_5421 WAN_5425

WAN_5431 WAN_5434 WAN_5436 WAN_5438 WAN_5446

WAN_5457 WAN_5460

WAN_5477 WAN_5478 WAN_5479 WAN_5480

WAN_5487 WAN_5488




Until next post,






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