It’s just paper.

So I’ve had this problem lately..

I mean it’s always been a problem, but it gets worse as I get older. It’s about 3 inches wide, 6 inches long, green, and the root of all evil.

Yep, I’m describing money.

Ever since I can remember, my dad has talked to me about the stock market. I knew who Louis Rukeyser was at the age of 4 because we would watch him on monday nights. He’s an accountant, so I can’t blame him for being a little bit obsessive over numbers, but I’m a words kinda girl (which is why I’m in journalism and writing this blog post) so it’s hard for me to really understand it, or want to understand it.

But aside from that, I just can’t see the point. Maybe I’m showing my ignorance, but money doesn’t mean much to me. Sure we need it, but to what extent? I’m not going to act like I don’t like to buy clothes and shoes because anyone who knows me knows it’s true, but I don’t worship the things I buy. I know they are just things. And who really cares if the shoes have a red sole?! That should not tack on an extra $1,000 in my opinion. Yes, quality does mean something, but that’s not quality. That’s materialistic.

Anyway, back to the root of my rant. To me, money is just paper. I just can’t see something that can be easily ripped in half ruling over me. And the more I think about it, the more I stand behind my opinion.. which sounds a little arrogant, but I’m usually very indecisive and unopinionated, so it says something  to me.

I mean what really differentiates real money from monopoly money? The worth, right? Well, things only have the worth we give it. I give worth to time, family, friends, experiences, memories… you know, the things that are actually important in life. Things that, as I lie on my deathbed, I will be happy with my choice of giving worth.

I’m only 21, but I’ve already decided through tastes of experience that I’m excited to get older because I know that with those wrinkles comes wisdom, and that is worth more than money can even think about buying. I look at my parents and grandparents and see the happiness they have and have had through love and living life. Once your eyes see this, you know there’s no replacement.

I know this is no new issue, and many books have been written and will be written on it, but I just thought I’d give my scattered and very unorganized 2 cents. This is one of my favorite Bible verses, and pretty much sums up everything I’m trying to say:

“..We own nothing, and yet we have everything.”

2 Corinthians 6:10



Until next post,



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